Trip to the Dentist

Shane and I ended up going to the dentist 11/6/09. This was Shane's second visit, but first one without me right there with him. He did awesome. They got x-rays on him and everything. He was so excited when he was done, he had to come show me that he learned how to make the seat go up and down. I've never seen a kid so happy to go to the dentist!!
Unfortunately, they told Shane he had 3 "sugar bugs." Cute, right? Shane's reaction: "How did those get in there??" All that Halloween candy is catchin' up to him!! I'm not looking forward to taking him in for a filling. That'll be sure to end the dentist excitment forever for him.

Today is my birthday. I'll post later with the going-ons of my day. Ron's girls are over, so I'm sure it'll be busy! :)

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