Some Thoughts

I have neglected this blog. I'm sure no one reads it anyways, but it is still here for me to write on. And so here I am.

I have been somewhat absent from the online world because my laptop died. I didn't realize how vital a computer is to our everyday lives, and I feel somewhat ashamed that it is, but it really is a significant tool when it comes to my son's learning. He plays various video games that require a computer. We watch videos on YouTube and other places for educational purposes. It helps me gather more resources for him to learn from.

Anyways. I went awhile without a laptop and I have been mulling over the idea of buying one lately. I couldn't afford the one I really wanted and so I finally settled and bought a cheaper Asus from Walmat. This is my first day using it and so far, so good. I'm just excited my son can actually play Starfall and Jumpstart now.

I am still unschooling Shane. I have come to realize that I myself haven't completely "deschooled" and that it's probably hindering our unschooling way of life. I still hold onto thoughts of whether or not I should put him in school. I still get hounded by my mother about 1st grade and enrolling him in their school district (why would I want to drive clear across town for my son to attend school?). I have doubts. I worry.

And the worst part about that is that I am not fully trusting my son and his ability to learn things, when I should. I realize that because he is not reading does not mean that he is behind. My mother doesn't want to accept that he will learn on his own time and has actually told my son that he is behind other kids his age because he is not reading. "Your mom was reading before she even started Kindergarten." But does that make my son stupid? Does that mean he is less educated or slower? Of course not! It just means he is not interested in reading quite yet. But words and reading are a part of everyday life and his exposure to it all will eventually lead to him reading, whether I like it or not. And I see him recognizing more and more words everyday.

And with the amount of time he spends playing video games, and being exposed to words, I'm sure he will read in no time. It's the dwelling on the fact that he's not reading that holds him back. And I myself have been guilty of worrying about it. But he excels in so many other areas of life. Technology fascinates him and he has recently expressed interest in science and math.

And socialization, hah! As if I were worried. He seems to make friends everywhere we go. People gravitate towards him as he is just simply a fascinating child (or so I've been told!).

Overall I think I just need to be less critical of myself and my mothering skills and embrace the life path that I have chosen for us.

It can only get better from there.