Happy Birthday To Me!

So, my birthday was on 11.7.09. Ron and I had his girls, so it was quite busy from the moment we got up. They're getting so big! They tried on some of their old clothes to see what fit and we hardly got anything out of it. So if anyone needs little girl clothes, let us know, lol.

For my birthday, Ron had our friend Stacy make me two watches. They're awesome! I'm really wanting to know how to make them though, so I can interchange the faces with the bands.

We really didn't do a whole lot for my birthday, just hung out at home as a family, which was fine with me. We did go out to eat at Hardhat though, and their food was awesome! I finally got to drink (legally, lol), and we went home and watched a movie. It was a pretty laid back day overall.

The next day (Sunday), my mother had a family dinner for me. The table was packed with family and food, and it was awesome. I got a gift card to Edwards (yay!!) and some French truffles from my cousin and aunt. Totally love it!

I had a great birthday this year, although, I am missing my two bestest friends, Sarah and Tasha. Wished I could've spent some time with them. Miss and love you guys!!!


  1. Miss and love you too!! I wished I could have been there!!

    God I wish I could have been there, but I'ma see you soon *BIG HUGS*
    love ya sis

  3. Glad you had a great birthday! The watches look awesome-love the bands!