To My Son:

MOM IS NOT PERFECT.  I am just like you, stumbling through life trying to find who I am and figure out this big, complicated world we live in.  I've just had a few extra years of practice.

Shane's 5th birthday

Shane turned 5 this year! I made him a cake... which, by the way, is my first cake I've ever gotten creative with ha! I think it turned out pretty well.

He insisted on heading to Blast Off for his birthday... which I can't blame him.. there's not a whole lot to do when there's snow everywhere. We are considering celebrating Shane's "half" birthday.. that way we can do a summer party too.  Spoiled??? I think so.. :)

 We came back to our place (Which is naked! Don't mind the bare walls and windows.. our house is under construction!) where we opened presents, had pizza, and ate some of my wonderful cake...lol.