Shane Says the Darndest Things.

Shane is constantly coming up with new words and phrases. I seriously have no idea where he picks some of the things he says up. It cracks me up sometimes, and sometimes it leave me wondering if my child is smarter than I think.

For instance, awhile ago he came up to my room to wake me up, since I'm lazy and am hardly ever out of bed before my child, and he did something and almost fell off the bed. He firmly stated "WOAH! I didn't see that coming mom." I laughed, and so of course, that was his new phrase for the week. Sounds crazy coming from a 3 year old.

Recently, though, he's been making up new words, like calling me a "tiphoed" (I wonder what he really means by that!) and he's apparently picked up "flatnog" from another kid at his daycare. Seriously, where do kids come up with these words?!

He also has a habit of bringing up things I say, that I don't think he's heard, a couple days later. It can be something I've simply said once, but he remembers it! It's like they're sponges and absorb everything, even when they're not paying attention.

Shane likes to reassure me as well, saying "You're not fat mom..... just your butt is."

Have you ever wondered how much your child REALLY knows and understands? Haha.. It's a scary thought.

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  1. Sara,
    Am I technically still engaged if the wedding is in the far, far, far future? LOL Thanks, though. I love your blog! That pic at the top is dang cute! Keep it comin'!