Shane Says the Darndest Things Part II

While listening to a read-along book on tape, Shane decided he had to go to the bathroom.
(Yelling from the bathroom at my mom, me, and my dad.)

Shane: Turn the page!!!
Grandpa: I did turn it.
Shane: You're not on the right page!!!
Grandpa: Yes I am.
Shane: No, Grandma's not on the right page!
Grandpa: I know! In more ways than one...


Shane: I want to stay here!
Me: You don't always get what you want, Shane.
Shane: Yes I do!!
Me: What? No you don't.
Shane: Yes I do, you liar!  


  1. We are going to Boo at the Zoo on Thursday, at 5. Crystal and Cherrish so far, and one of my other friends. You should come! That would be awesome! Let me know, k?